Looking Backward-

As outgoing President of the Texas DX Society, I would like to share my thoughts about our closing year with the membership.

2005 was a great year for TDXS and I would like to list some of the high points that come to my mind.

Meetings.  In 2005 we had a prepared speaker at almost every meeting.  Topics included FO0AAA Clipperton DXpedition, VP8WWW Falklands DXpedition, Pursuing DXCC form Greece, Alinco and Operating form the Mid East, Knots for Field Day, TenTec and Software Defined Radio, WinLink, WriteLog Contesting Software, Contesting from Grand Cayman (ZF1A), and St. Kilda and 4 IOTAs in 2 weeks.  I would like to thank WF5W, W5PF, W5MJ, N4AL, KW5O, W4PA, AD8A, WX5D, W5ASP and N5ET for making these great presentations.  

Membership.  We grew with 3 new TDXS members approved by the membership this year.  Mack Arp, W5EET; John Cashen, W6KNC/VK4UC; and Wayne Rogers, W5KDJ are new TDXSers.

Member Accomplishments.  Several of our members reached significant DX milestones this year.  Earl Cunningham, N6SE, made DXCC Honor Roll.  Bob Walworth, N5ET made DXCC on 80 meters,  and Bruce Meier, N1LN, achieved DXCC on 160 meters. 

Web Site.  W9DX has continued to do a tremendous job on our web site.  The content is always posted promptly and kept current. If you haven’t check the site recently, take a look, there’s always something new.

Ham Com.  TDXS had another successful raffle ticket sale at Ham Com.  Thanks to W5MJ, N5MT, N4AL, KG5U and KC5DJI for a great job manning the TDXS booth at HamCom, and W5SJS with printing tickets.  Thanks to all who purchased raffle tickets, and special thanks to those who purchased many raffle tickets.  Lee Kinard, K5AVY, was especially thankful, as he won the FT-857D.  Also at Ham Com, TDXS supported, and was represented at, the LSDXA DX Luncheon.  

Field Day.   TDXS set up for Field Day at W5BXX’s beach house in Surf Side.  With advance antenna work by W5MJ and W9DX.  This year the weather was great, our planning was extensive, however we sustained several attacks from Mr. Murphy. Ending up with 3 antennas destroyed or non-functional, one generator not working, and networking issues with the logging software.  But, we kept the momentum going until the final bell, running class 2A, with a CW station, SSB station, satellite station, 6 meter station, natural power station, and a very active GOTA station.  We made a total of 2,055 QSOs, earning 6,580 points.  Many fine operators, including AC5K, K5WAF, KC5DJI, N4AL, N5DD, N5ET, N5KTN, N5MT, VK4UC, W0MM, W0MYL W5BXX, W5MJ, W9DX, WB5TUF, K1DDO, contributed to our score.

Total attendance was up, we saw a few people who we hadn’t see at Field Day before, and everyone had a great time.  We didn’t make quite as many QSOs, or total points, as last year, due to being further down the solar cycle trough and the visits from Mr. Murphy.  We would not have been as successful as we were with our the help and effort of everyone involved, especially from our Field Day captain, Bill Frink.

DXpeditions.  Several TDXS members operated from exotic locations this year.  Greece SV0JB by N4AL.  Swaziland 3DA0CF by K5LBU.  Grand Cayman ZF1A by W5ASP.  Scotland and IOTAs (St Kilda, Skye and Scalpay) by N5ET, Thanks for putting these on the air so we could work them.

Sad Losses.  Tragically, in 2005 we lost long time TDXSer Macky Marshall, KV5S.

Hats off to all who helped make 2005 a great year for TDXS, especially our 2005 secretary, Laurent Thomin, W0MM, and treasurer, Bill Frink, K5WAF. If I’ve neglected to list any additional accomplishments, please forgive me.


(used with permission 09-01-2020)